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The major Differences at All Bare Media Blasting

Opposed to other blasters that might appear to offer similar services.

  Other Companies All Bare
Price? Some are higher Some are Lower. Quality is key here. Always competitvely priced get the best value for your dollar, every job has it's own requirements and is always priced fairly and accordingly.
Up to Date with the industry? Unknown, keeping up with industry standards is crucial. At All Bare, we are extremely persistent and committed to staying up to date and on top of the latest in industry standards.
Reuses Media? Most other companies increase profit by re-using media from job to job. All Bare only re-uses material when it is 100% Appropriate to the job. We prefer Virgin material on our Jobs.
Multiple Blasting Services? Some offer a couple... We offer a wide variety for many types of blasting needs including soda blasting.
Continous Training? Most only do on the Job training. At All Bare, we educate our team and we follow strict operating procedures.
Overall Work Quality? Varies... and sometimes dramaticly. There's no comparison, we are totally committed to providing unmatched quality.
Wet or Dry Blasting? Most offer just one or the other. All Bare is equipped to provide Both WET and DRY blasting.
Neutralizing Post Blast Wash? Some do, but most do not. We use environmentally friendly neutralizing agents to provide a top coat ready surface, no flash rust here.
In house or Mobile? Most do one or the other. At All Bare we provide both In House as well as on site services.
Rotisserie Service? Not all blasters have rotisserie services available. All Bare provides rotisserie services, though not all jobs require one. We often do 360° inside and out blast jobs without one.
Forklift Available? Very few, but some do. We have a forklift with experienced operators in house.
Free* Pickup/Delivery? Very few companies offer what we do. We offer FREE pickup and delivery within a 15 mile radius and even further out on larger scale jobs or at minimum, we get it done very affordably.
Priming Service? Some will offer to apply a primer. All Bare uses professional products unless otherwise specified, but they are always professionaly applied per product specs.
Additional Services Some offer a few services. Here at All Bare, we have a wide variety of services available and can handle most anything needed from simple patch work to full builds.
Proper Equipment Some actually do have acceptable equipment. We are fortunate enough to have some of the finest, professional and versital equipment available.





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