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All Bare Media Blasting of Orlando.

All Bare Media Blasting is the number one choice in the Orlando area for Media Blasting Jobs. All Bare Media Blasting has an experienced and certified staff that will make sure your project gets done right the first time!


Soda Blasting

Soda blasting is a process where sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is applied against a surface using compressed air. Soda Blasting uses the force of the small soda particles as they shatter on impact to knock the dirt, grease, paint…ext off the surface. Soda blasting is non-toxic and has several uses. In most cases soda blasting can replace power washing and sandblasting, while lowering cost and leaving even delicate surfaces undamaged.

Some of the uses for soda blasting are paint removal, mold removal, fire restoration, and cleaning mechanical parts.

Glass Blasting

In addition to worker safety benefits, crushed glass delivers a natural, whiter metal finish than many other sandblasting abrasives, and significantly decreases embedment issues—up to 5 times less than slag blast media. Glass works great for removing typical coatings and other surface preparation applications. Glass is versatile, and can be used as a dry blasting media or combined with specially treated water to help surpress dust.

Spot Welding & Patch Welding

From a pin hole to a full patch, Bare All Media Blasting has a full on site metal fabrication facility. From specialty plasma cut parts to weld repairs on a body panel or frame we can handle it with ease and expertise.

Rust Prevention, Primer, Paint

Our team of experienced and certified partners can prime, paint and finish almost any project you can think of. We have over 30yrs experience in Restoration and refinishing, if it can be done.. All Bare can do it.

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Soda & Glass Blast Applications
Strip Cars, Trucks, Trailers, Containers, Heavy Equipment; Graffiti Removal, Surface Rust Removal, Stain Elimination; Clean Wood and Masonry, Monument Cleaning, Grease & Oil Removal, De-Grease and Strip Engine Components, Fiberglass & Wood Boat Stripping, Aluminum and Stainless Steel Cleaning, Mold Remediation and Restoration.



Safely Strip Paint & Clean Most Any Surface!

Non-Destructive ~ All Natural ~ No Flash Rust


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We over here at AllBare.com would like to thank the members over at SouthernAirBoat.Com for their business and their positive review of our services.

We look forward to blasting for you, weather it's Glass Blasting your Hulls inside or out, Prepping your Rigging for powder coating, soda blasting your engine or whatever else you may need... Thanks and Safe Boating!

All Bare is Here for You Too!!!


“After searching the local Orlando area for someone who I felt comfortable leaving my project with, I found All Bare Media Blasting. From the moment I spoke to Dave I knew this was the shop for me. Now I have all my refinish work done with them and couldn't be happier”

Theodore Skellert,
TS Custom Designs


"The guys at all bare blasting did a great job on my 69' camaro. I was shocked at the result, no damage entirely stripped and the paint went on PERFECT! I will never try to do it at home by myself again. As a custom builder it's worth outsorcing the blasting for a final product that looks Cherry! Thanks Guys!"

Ed DiAngelo, Ocala FL


"As a custom builder myself, but with no room for a blasting booth I am very happy with the quality that all bare brings to the table. Finally someone I trust with my clients cars and projects. Thanks guys! Here's to another great year!"

Donny Miller, Datona FL



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